Overview: You are a member of an automotive design team. The company's newest model has come under some criticism since being released last fall. It has been determined that the bumper and restraint systems do not perform as well as previously tested.
Your Challenge:
You and your design team must redesign the bumper and safety restraint system of a car. The vehicle's occupant (the egg) must survive a full speed head-on collision.


This cast of characters are egg-cellent.

This is the egg-a-pult
Class Procedure: Brainstorming- Each student will think of 3 ideas for the bumper and restraint systems; then they will compare. Research- In class movie on crashes


Each student receives the same materials
  • 3 sheets of paper
  • 1 sheet of oak tag
  • 6 rubber bands
  • 12" piece of string
  • 12" piece of masking tape
  • 6 thumb tacks
  • 6 wooden coffee stirrers
  • Foam base

Deviled Egg
Lab Procedure- Using the given materials, construct a vessel to protect your egg.
This project involves physics and a lot of imagination. Students are required to calculate the speed, acceleration, and force of their car. Also, students will weigh their car in grams and convert the weight to pounds. Most importantly, this project may force students to think about the ramifications of car crashes.

This is our egg sling shot

This is the ramp of death for our eggs!

Most violent crash

Best Crash